EdExcel Now Available

EdExcel Now Available

EdExcel Now Available

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From September 2018, Multi-Plan Pathway College will commence the Edexcel A Level curriculum. We would be offering both the Regular Alevel program (2years) and the Accelerated A Level program (One year).

Edexcel (known as Pearson – London Examinations in Malta) is a multinational education and examination body owned by Pearson. Pearson Edexcel, the only privately owned examination board in the UK, and part of Pearson plc, is a portmanteau term combining the words Education & Excellence. It regulates school examinations under the British Curriculum and offers qualifications for schools on the international and regional scale. Edexcel is the UK’s largest awarding organisation offering academic and vocational qualifications in schools, colleges and work places in the UK and abroad. It is also recognised internationally.

Registration is on-going, send an email to info@multiplanpathway.com

Please click HERE for more information.


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