In the light of Lagos State Government directive for all public officials and schools to self-isolate for 14 days and in an effort to eradicate COVID-19 virus, Multi-Plan Pathway College is temporary closed to the general public as we are keen to ensure safety of our students and staff. : : : Classes are now held online. : : : Admission enquiry for the next in-take (September 2020) is on-going. : : : Kindly call: 09034904978, 08034199656, 0815188817, 07039220397 Or send an email to

We guarantee our students entry into study destinations anywhere in the world

We are a premier access, tutorial and sixth-form college that takes pride in equipping our students academically to meet the entry criteria for study destinations anywhere in the world. We work with universities  globally that meet the highest academic standards.


We offer a wide range of courses which can be done on a part-time or full-time schedule.


One of our key competencies is our faculty made up of certified and experienced professionals


Our students come from various backgrounds. We also cater for foreign students

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Mrs. Mary Agbu

Founder’s Message

The Multiplan Pathway College was set up to meet the needs of the evolving stakeholders in the Higher Education Journey whether at home or abroad  – The modern full-time career parent, The Young and Innovative student seeking to find their future space and The driven Academic and student Service team striving to nurture the student’s aspiration. Our counseling and recruitment team also strive to bring a new layer of customer care delivery that ensures the highest quality progression experience for all students and parents on this journey to a successful Higher education experience!

Having been actively involved in the pathway process of students for over seventeen years from the secondary to Higher education level, it became clear that the management of the pathway experience greatly determined the outcome of the university experience.  Students from Nigeria in particular increasingly finish their secondary education at a much younger age (15 to 17 years of age) and may not have the maturity to effectively transit smoothly into the adult environment of the Higher institution.

The negative impact of this growing trend can be seen in the erroneous and impulsive choices made by students without proper deliberation. (Abuse of drugs and Alcohol, disregard for constituted authority in their attempt to assert their new found independence, heavy weighted peer influence – as they strive to belong!)

At MPC we strive to introduce our students gradually to-:

  • responsible and independent living
  • engaging and deepening social service awareness that prompts a greater human tone and consideration for the more needy members of the society
  • discovering and identifying their career strengths and goal aspirations
  • improving their research and public speaking skills
  • relating with other students and staff with refinement

At MPC we have in place a cordial tutorial system where students and Student Services team are able to discuss openly on a one on one basis any issues of both academic and pastoral nature that needs to be addressed. We encourage a friendly Student/Teacher relationship with a comfortable environment where students are not afraid to voice their opinions or ask questions.

MPC is set to improve and step-up the quality of Pathway delivery and to provide a customized methodology in the student experience that matches the needs of our modern society. It is no longer the ‘one-glove-fits-all’ approach but a bespoke approach that ensures individual success stories!

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