About Us

Multi-Plan Pathway College is an affordable university preparatory college.

We provide pre-university courses and qualifications for students who wish to enroll in home-based or foreign institutions of higher education.

We equip students with a broad range of subject-related knowledge, higher level academic skills and key transferable skills in order that they become independent, self-directed learners and achieve the necessary academic standards to progress to undergraduate degrees at some of the finest universities in the world.

We are committed to helping students achieve their career goals.

Why Choose Multi-Plan Pathway College

With degrees from different institutions all around the world, our teachers ensure that they deliver quality content to our students.
Activities to engage our students in, outside the classroom include:
  • Multi-plan Talks (Our very own version of TED talks) which builds presentation and research skills
  • Mind building sessions, such as debates
  • #FridaywithMPC Session with experts in different fields

No two students learn the same way.

To maximise learning, we implemented a flexible approach to classroom learning. Classes can be taken full time or part time.

Certifications are given after the completion of one or all of the following: Foundation Programme, Cambridge/Edexcel A Levels, A-level Programme in partnership with MPW college UK.

A pastoral care unit that provides a range of support services for students. The school is structured in such a way that the students always have someone special nearby to talk to. The Staff adapt an open door policy so the students are welcome to meets with them at any time.

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